As a kid, I remember watching my favorite cartoon and realizing how cool those characters were. Comic-Con is a welcome step away from reality. And now my daughter is so fond of these characters. I feel kids’ imaginations can take them to places that adults can’t go; kids don’t have those filters. And today I a got invitation from RIMS International School and Junior College, Mumbai.

Where they organised a comic con masquerade competition. As I was entering the school’s main gate, I was feeling a bit hesitant as this was my first experience. Even so, at the same time, I was thinking that it is going to be a new learning to be added to my journey. I told the guard that I was here as a judge. He sent me straight to Auditorium where all kids have to perform. Looking at them, I felt confident and remembered my childhood days. Costume plays a vital role in nearly all the popular arts, defining characters, setting mood, and more. It’s an art form dating to scientific history but is consistently evolving, consistently fresh with innovative designs that it often demonstrates. While costumes can look great on a page, poster or collectible statuette, it is different when a person wears them, becomes that unique character, that the real impact happens and to honestly tell you that all the kids’ did really well with a lot of confidence. It was very impressive, All the range of style and ability, talent just everything what I saw was striking.Judging kids is the really tough job, but I personally feel that they win when they want to participate and face the audience from the stage! All in all, in my eyes everyone was the winner in their on way. Thank you again to Rims School management for inviting me to the comic con masquerade competition 2018, it was a wonderful experience. . 🤗💐

Thank you for reading ❤️

© Anjali Sharma, Positive Side Of The Coin


  1. “Judging kids is really tough job but I personally feel that they win when they want to participate and face the audience from the stage!” — yes, so true!

    Also, I love what you say about costumery – about how the individual stepping into that costume and making it unique to himself or herself brings it to life. This is helpful to me to remember, as I’m going to be wearing a costume in a couple months to a Victorian Christmas dinner and dance, and I realize I need to put my heart into it like these beautiful kids!

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