We humans, yes we humans caught in the pleasure and pains of the past, and hopes and fears of the future, we often refuse to be in the present, which is only place where life exists.

Why don’t we learn to stay in present?

While past and future call for least commitment of action, the present poses great challenge to a humans.

How much time we spend in the present? It holds a lot of uncertainty, filled with moments of constant awareness and continuous actions, which opens up space for growth.

On the other hand, one is happy living what one has already experienced without experiencing anything new. So, what hold us from committing to the present? Do you have answer to it…. Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is gift of God, which is why we call it present.

In my point of view person who live in present; live life to the fullest. Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present. Humans who stay in present know how to make there life better and Happy….what you say?

Thank you for reading ❤️

© Anjali Sharma, Positive Side Of The Coin


  1. Another beautiful post…. “Humans who stay in present know how to make there life better and Happy…” Totally agreed with it..
    Actually the present is not really a part of time at all. Past is time, future is time, but the present is not time… We divide time into past, present and future but in reality it is not so. The present is eternal, the present is. It is always here and now, an eternal now. In reality there is no past and there is no future. The past exists only in the memory whereas the future exists only in the imagination.
    Past and future belong to MIND only not to existence. Life is dead, Living is only alive as living is always in present but life exists in past and future which is dead have no existence.

    Thanks for sharing the beautiful post 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much for reading it, yes I always believed planing for future is good but living and enjoying your present is also very important. Past is past, one can learn from past experiences but carrying them along with you is really not worthy. Thanks for visiting, have a great day 🙏💕💐

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  2. Good post. Yes, one should live in present and enjoy the each and every moment of life instead of thinking about the past incidents, that’s what I think. Very nice post. Liked it. 👍👍😄


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