Most dreams require some risk

In early years of my life when I was in college I decided to live by what I believe in, than go with the way of world around me.

Most dreams require some risk. I believe if I will don’t dream, life will be dull and unimaginative. I think since childhood I am dreamer.

But while I was moving towards my dreams the pressure from the world around me to fall in line, and at times the gear within on where my beliefs will take me, was something I have to deal with often. And I feel this pressure is called distraction in our own dreams.

Realising your dreams involves taking the risk

Some times questions arise in my mind what hold us from trusting our gut feeling? How much risk we are willing to take in our Life?
Many times I took risk in my life, I believe in taking risks. Because I believe risk is equal to success.
It is better to try than live suffering. It is better to make an attempt to see what we believe in than accept what others say, for only through this process we humans will see newer horizons. We should know how to say no and how to keep distraction away from our dreams. May be people around will laugh and say it’s an illusion but truth is something we will only able to get when we try. Ups and downs are two wheels of life. Failure should boost our dreams instead of becoming distraction. It’s upto us what we have to choose. So, choose carefully. If getting something you want requires risk, then I say go for it. If no one is harmed in the process, then we should shoot for our dreams. The risk is a part of that.

Thank you for reading ❤️

© Anjali Sharma, Positive Side Of The Coin

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