Life is What you Make it!

Word Inspiration is integral when we think about our career, because when we choose our career, we get inspired about what kind of career will bring us “joy.”

Few months back I was taking guest lectures in one Media College on Documentary film making. I asked students why they chose film studies, what inspired them but to my surprise very few knew that they chose film studies as they wanted to make films, and they have a passion for films and cinematography. However, 70% students choose this field because they don’t want to do engineering or medicine, and they thought it was fun to do film studies. And in fifteen days of my classes, I noticed that half of them are not serious about what they are doing, they are just wasting parent’s money, which was really sad. More than money or even a sense of passion the career path you choose must give you a sense of purpose. And when you have this, you’ll be able to push the limits.

Now why I mentioned joy so early in this discussion of career. Joy is something very important part of our lives. Joy come when we get perfect freedom and love for a job we do. It is tragic indeed to see so many of us trapped in jobs that suffocate our very essence of Joy. When I choose my career, I just thought ” I have nothing to fear, I make the choice to hold my joy in my mind as I think of my career.” Stay in the moment with your wishes say to yourself this moment when change occurs. Today is the day and at the moment is the time. The purpose of life is to eventually discover your path, and the meaning of life is to achieve your goals in a purposeful and fulfilling manner. Always ask yourself, am I happy in what I’m doing or only trying to make others happy. Identify your interest and then identify a career that aligns with your interest. Everyone’s one has a unique talent, identify what yours skill set. Be not afraid to swell in love for one another. Use your power to know what you want! And use it well!

Thank you for reading ❤️


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