Letter to Universe💖🤗

Thank you Universe for everything!
I am so glad to be a part of this beautiful universe, I truly believe it and love it. Thank You for 2018.

In 2018 I learnt lot…. sometimes life was tough, and eventually it was good and I kept on moving with those experiences. Thank you for many reasons as in 2018; My daughter started her schooling, my husband got his dream job and after three years, I saw a smile on my moms face and also thank you for a good years for my blogging world as I got so much love from my Fellow Bloggers.

I know my 2019 will be rocking. I am thanking you for beautiful 2019 in advance for many reasons.

Thanks in advance:

  • Thank you as I lost 10 kg this year with toned body.
  • Thank you as I purchased my own big flat in 2019.
  • Thank you for my dream job.
  • Thank you for everyone’s happiness and joy around me. Thank you for good energies.
  • Thank you for my husband success and achievements.
  • Big thank you for Kyaraa happiness and beautiful smile on her face.
  • Thank you for all the abundance, peace, freedom, good health and harmony in our lives.
  • Thank you for big blogger’s family as it’s kept growing and for love and achievements in the blogging world.
  • Thanks for blessing of attractive writing and these words keep coming to me as freely with beautiful writing and thoughts.

Keep sending us positive energy, magic and laughter dear Universe. I love you and always thankful to you from the bottom of my heart.

With love đź’–


Image Courtesy: Pexels
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