She is women of Substance.

Mother, sister, daughter or wife,

She fits in every roll,

Life’s determination begins with her.

With overflowing love, forgiving and life’s guide

As mother, she is first teacher.

She is the only giver.

She holds the key of love and blessings.

She’ll bear all yet love,

Unfailingly, ever smilingly with blessings in her,

She will make you Smile,

She will help you to deal with fears,

She will give you hope,

She is everything holding key of your happiness,

She is women with love and affection.

Happy women’s day❣️

What do you see?By Willow Poetry

Thank you for reading 💖


© Anjali Sharma, Positive Side Of The Coin



Picture courtesy Sue Vincent

To enjoy the landscape divine,

Sit here in silent,

Silence and darkness

Embrace everything

Calm and humble,

Quite and tranquil!

It is dawn

Algae grow across,

In the pond of expectations,

It is true that in life we get what we want when we are looking for it,

Interestingly, we get more than what we want when we get into anything without expectations.

So what you are expecting my friend,

Just enjoy this Siren beauty.

With love 💖

This is a response to the#writephoto : Tranquil curated over at Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo.


Feature Image Courtesy: Sue Vincent
© Anjali Sharma, Positive Side Of The Coin