What is God language?

Discription says:

Author: Francis S. Collins

Illustrator Michael Hagelberg

Country United States

Language :English

It’s featuring a discussion group guide : New York bestseller

“Collin’s argument that Science and faith are compatible deserve a wide hearing. It lets non – churchgoers consider spiritual questions without feeling awkward”

I came across this book, which I still have to read, but it made me think deeply what language God speaks.

I still don’t know exact content inside this.

However, I remember when I was small may be six-year-old; I use to think if you want to speak to lord Shiva or Krishna, I need to pray in Hindi, if I need to speak to Jesus, I need to pray in English, or if I want something from waheguru I need to speak Punjabi. How Innocent!!

I don’t know which language God knows as in the world I think there are so many distinct languages and so many different religions.

However, now, I have grown up, And I know God is one, though we name him with distinct names. I also know when God created this world, he didn’t decide to distinguish us with different religions and faiths as well as languages. So the question arises what language does God speak or understand? Different researchers or Scientists have many different opinions. I don’t know exactly what written in book, that I have to find out.

However, as my understanding of God with period of time says he only understands the language of Innocence and love. He give us signs when we are in trouble. He give us sign when something good to happen. He is always with us, in us.

What you guys think? What the book says, that I will read later on.

Thanks for reading šŸ’

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