Pleasant Smile and Politeness

There is Chinese proverb that “ The person who cannot smile should not set up shop” We don’t like to go to shopkeeper, doctors or any other professionals who are rude and loses patience easily. Magnificent force of smile and politeness is our biggest asset in any kind of business or in our daily lifestyle.

A smile attract people because it breaks the barriers between two people. People who smile and are polite are people who can attract abundance through there this quality. People run away from angry and rude people. No one likes to spend time with them, but if you have infectious smile you can win other’s easily. If you notice famous people like Richard Branson, Laxmi Mittal etc they all keep smiling face, and when they speak they are so polite.

People show interest in us only when we are polite with smile on our face. In brief, you must learn to smile to succeed in any venture of life. And a smile is always more effective when served with politeness.

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© Anjali Sharma, Positive Side Of The Coin