I have forgotten what I experienced behind those close doors,
I am not same; when I come back through that close door,
I realized human ego is the ugliest part of human nature,
Healing came when I choose to walk away from that darkness
And moved towards brighter light called love.

With love ๐Ÿ’–

This is a response to the #writephoto : Forgotten curated over at Sue Vincentโ€™s Daily Echo.

Feature Image Courtesy: Sue Vincent
ยฉ Anjali Sharma, Positive Side Of The Coin



  1. Bonjour, je dรฉcouvre votre blog et ce billet (article) alors que je suis en train d’รฉcrire, justement une lettre d’Amour Matinale, comme j’aime ร  les vivre en les รฉcrivant ร  mon รฉveil en autant de Chants de la Vie transfigurรฉe par l’Amour et ses Ineffables dimensions, beau prรฉsage donc que de trouver ces mots qui sont les votres, au Fรฉminin, des mots d’Amour, dans le matin,


  2. Hi there! I am a writer, a poet to be specific. Since I am just starting with my blog, may I ask you to please follow my blog to help my poems reach more readers? I am hoping for your help, God bless you more and have a great day!โ˜บ

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  3. Lovely post. The image you create with your words matches the photo you chose so well. Closed doors usually imply walls as well. Walls can keep us enclosed in darkness and prevent us from being in the light.

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