From that creamy, sweet frosting to that delicious moist cake, it’s hard to be unhappy with a cupcake! And my little Kyaraa love cupcakes, this weekend Kyaraa was behind me that she will decorate cupcakes. I think this time, she was more excited for decorating her own cup cakes! Probably as much as eating them. She enjoyed decorating cup cakes! Plus this activity made great blank canvases for creativity for her.

Here are some decorations done on cupcakes by four year old little Kyaraa in my guidance.

Enjoy yummy Cupcakes by KyaraaπŸ˜‹

Thank you for reading ❀️

Β© Anjali Sharma, Positive Side Of The Coin


  1. Good job kyaraa!!!….the cupcakes look yummm!!….a very nice way of inculcating interest in food n cooking, in the kids…God bless this maa-beti ki team!!😍😍

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  2. Wow! The cupcakes look yummy. πŸ˜‹ Enjoy your time your daughter. They grow so fast without you knowing it. I missed this type of bonding with my daughter. She’s so busy with school.

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  3. It’s a beautiful fun-loving post . Great to see the kids enjoying.. making themselves & enjoying the process. Lovely family-time.. God bless the kids… Keep going younger little ones… Hurray !!

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      1. Ya , I too have a one year old kid, and I must say..God she’s too agile & curious from now on… She spoils my chappatis & counter attacks my little lunch and dinner preparations. The other day I tried to bake cheese cake , she spoiled my whole energy/ into making it.. Yes , I know because these things are quite relevant to me these days . But love the idea kyraa puts into her effort & making. I’m already enjoying her cup-cakes

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        1. Let your little one explore, I know for mothers it become difficult to manage everything but that’s part of their learning. Thank you Fatma, Kyaraa will love to hear that you enjoyed her cupcakes.


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