Happy Birthday Kyaraa🎂🌸

Today it’s Kyaraa’s Birthday, so full week I was busy with preparations. My daughter Kyaraa has always loved the Little Mermaid, so we went for it! Of all the Disney characters, She can relate to this one the most. She asked me to order Ariel Memaid cake, and she wanted to wear green dress.

Today my heart is so full of love and gratitude. Today my mind feels enlightened, and my love feels strengthened. Today more than normal, I smile at the little things and cherish each moment of happiness.

I am happy that all went well and Kyaraa really enjoyed her birthday with her friends. What a Happy day for my Kyaraa! Happy birthday my sweet 4 year old Mermaid!”

With love 🌸

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Life’s Purpose – Being Mortal

Watch this video, it shows life is Mortal. A significant thing that every human being has to do is to structure their psychological and emotional framework around the most fundamental fact of their lives – their mortality.

You can truly enjoy and joyfully walk through this life only if you know that you are mortal and you have some purpose in life.

Do you know the answer to the simple yet unanswered question “What is the purpose of your life?”
In this world, many people are dissatisfied about their profession, relationships, social needs, etc. Unfortunately; many people are living in artificial world having inner emptiness. As a child, we are conditioned to accept our identity and our likings, which has nothing to do with our true selves.

People love me because of who I am or do people appear to love me because of what they want me to be. If I match their expectation, then they show their love for me, otherwise, we are not accepted in the society. However, we forgets that we are only on this planet to be “US” not to be others.

Purpose gives direction to one’s life, and this direction helps one to take steps forward in life. However, at every turn in the journey of one’s own life, one has to take decisions, sometimes we get stuck at such a moment. To find purpose first thing we should ask ourself “WHO AM I?” If you don’t answer it, you may never be able to distinguish between what your essential self wants and what other people manipulate you to want.

You must have a vision for your life, even if you don’t know the plan.

In past I mentioned it in article ” life is what you make it”

Sometimes we spend full life finding an answer of this question “what is a purpose of my life?”

My answer to this question is that your life purpose is inside you. You know better than anyone else that what you want from your life. Thus it’s important that we meet ourselves first. Only you have power to move your life forward. Go find it, embrace it and make difference in your life. Enjoy every moment of life being you. Life is Mortal.

You need to celebrate and enjoy every moment of your life because life will not wait for you. Become extremely intentional with everything that you do. Be fully on purpose. Make sure everything you do supports who you are and who you want to be.

Thank you for watching & reading 💝

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Lateral thinking

Have you ever been told that to think outside the box? I bet you have.

When I was working in the corporate world, once my boss told me “Anjali if you want to grow, then instead of bringing problems, bring solutions on the table.” He added – Unless you are different, you will fail! And I know he was right.

Sometimes in conflicting situations, we see ourselves indulging in something we don’t want. And at our workplace, we find such situations, not only on workplace, we can find such situations in our family life also. And in such situations, only good thinking is required – Thinking differently!

Thinking outside the box simply means that you’re willing to consider different solutions and methods for reaching your desired outcome. If you keep doing the same things, you’ll continue to get the same results and thinking differently requires practice. First, I want to share a video, which long back someone shared with me and I feel this video says it all.

Few things you need to do, to improve your thinking:

  • Gather knowledge, be informed. Read more, increase your knowledge upon every subject.
  • Look around you and pick a familiar object, and study it. Touch it, pick it up, smell it. Keep Studying it until you have learned something about it that you didn’t know before.
  • Be more creative. Experiment everyday, Don’t be rigid in your thinking.
  • Keep motivate yourself to do new things.
  • Be happy and be positive, what I mention in all my posts.
  • Play aggressively with winner mindset.
  • Don’t afraid to say what you want.

Focus on positive results. Whatever you focus your mind upon, automatically it creates an ideal picture of what you think.

So, always try to think differently and get what you want.

Thank you for reading & watching 💖

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The Secret process of Visualization

The principal of the law of attraction are so interesting and effective that you’ll just love it when you actually practice. I am practicing it from many years. The law of attraction has its roots in Quantum Physics.

We all know that thoughts have energy that attracts similar energy. So be careful about your thoughts. Few principal you should keep in mind:

  • Understand what you desire and ask Universe for it.
  • Focus your thoughts upon the thing you desire.
  • Feel and behave as if your desire has already been acquired by you.
  • Feel Gratitude for that desire.
  • Be open to receive it, do not shut yourself
  • Avoid Negative thoughts.

The law of attraction is real, physical and universal in nature. It is always active around you. Just as gravitational force is always present, so is the Law of attraction. It is natural, and very much part of the universe where we live.

So focus in what you want. Don’t divert yourself into how you can achieve that. Be thankful. Your subconscious mind should agree with your conscious thinking.

Synchronize Your Conscious with your subconscious. You can take help of Meditation and Gratitude for that.

It is strange but easiest way to achieve what you want. So, law of attraction was always there and it was you who failed to notice it, but now it is right here for you.

Thank you for reading ❤️

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The other side of “FEAR”

Sometimes whatever it happens to be, overcoming fear can be challenging, but when conquered, very liberating. We all Heard challenge of fear but what about benefits.

Fear is an emotion experienced in anticipation of some specific pain or danger and is usually accompanied by a desire to flee or fight. It can be real, or imagined. Have you ever thought about benefits of fear. Fear makes life defend itself, protect itself.

Some benefits of fear:

  • Fear of Failure make us more keen and dynamic.
  • Fear moves you from insensitivity to sensitivity.
  • Fear moves you from carelessness to taking care.
  • Fear moves you from dullness to alertness.
  • Fear of hurting someone makes you more conscious.

” I believe that anyone can conquer fear by doing the things he fears the most, provided he keeps doing them until he gets a record of successful experiences behind him”. – Eleanor Roosevelt

Fear make us righteous; fear keep us on the path. This is inbuilt by nature to sustain life. So take it as positive sign too.

Thank you for reading 💖

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What is God language?

Discription says:

Author: Francis S. Collins

Illustrator Michael Hagelberg

Country United States

Language :English

It’s featuring a discussion group guide : New York bestseller

“Collin’s argument that Science and faith are compatible deserve a wide hearing. It lets non – churchgoers consider spiritual questions without feeling awkward”

I came across this book, which I still have to read, but it made me think deeply what language God speaks.

I still don’t know exact content inside this.

However, I remember when I was small may be six-year-old; I use to think if you want to speak to lord Shiva or Krishna, I need to pray in Hindi, if I need to speak to Jesus, I need to pray in English, or if I want something from waheguru I need to speak Punjabi. How Innocent!!

I don’t know which language God knows as in the world I think there are so many distinct languages and so many different religions.

However, now, I have grown up, And I know God is one, though we name him with distinct names. I also know when God created this world, he didn’t decide to distinguish us with different religions and faiths as well as languages. So the question arises what language does God speak or understand? Different researchers or Scientists have many different opinions. I don’t know exactly what written in book, that I have to find out.

However, as my understanding of God with period of time says he only understands the language of Innocence and love. He give us signs when we are in trouble. He give us sign when something good to happen. He is always with us, in us.

What you guys think? What the book says, that I will read later on.

Thanks for reading 💝

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Think Pink

Holi is considered as one of the most celebrated festivals of India and it is celebrated in almost every part of the country. It is also sometimes called as the “festival of love” as on this day people get to unite together forgetting all resentments and all types of bad feeling towards each other.

I prefer to play holi but only with water, no color. So my daughter asked me to gift her holi water bag pichkari (water gun) on this holi. I promised her to bring it, but I really had tough time as she wanted only pink color in it and no other color. Thank fully in one shop, I got a pink color mini mouse water bag with a red color gun. However, she refused to take that as she only wanted pink. She said “Pink is only my favourite color”. I don’t know why she is so obsessed with pink.

So while I was moving in search of the pink color holi water bag pichkari (water gun), this sign board came in front of me as if someone wants to tell me, please don’t get annoyed and “think pink”.

No words, what you think you See. So we moved to another shop again with these colorful bags. Check this out.

After half an hour of convincing her finally, she agreed for a frozen blue color bag. Thank god!!

You guys enjoy Holi, Festival of Colors. Take care and Happy Holi.

Thanks for reading 💝

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