The Secret process of Visualization

The principal of the law of attraction are so interesting and effective that you’ll just love it when you actually practice. I am practicing it from many years. The law of attraction has its roots in Quantum Physics.

We all know that thoughts have energy that attracts similar energy. So be careful about your thoughts. Few principal you should keep in mind:

  • Understand what you desire and ask Universe for it.
  • Focus your thoughts upon the thing you desire.
  • Feel and behave as if your desire has already been acquired by you.
  • Feel Gratitude for that desire.
  • Be open to receive it, do not shut yourself
  • Avoid Negative thoughts.

The law of attraction is real, physical and universal in nature. It is always active around you. Just as gravitational force is always present, so is the Law of attraction. It is natural, and very much part of the universe where we live.

So focus in what you want. Don’t divert yourself into how you can achieve that. Be thankful. Your subconscious mind should agree with your conscious thinking.

Synchronize Your Conscious with your subconscious. You can take help of Meditation and Gratitude for that.

It is strange but easiest way to achieve what you want. So, law of attraction was always there and it was you who failed to notice it, but now it is right here for you.

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The other side of “FEAR”

Sometimes whatever it happens to be, overcoming fear can be challenging, but when conquered, very liberating. We all Heard challenge of fear but what about benefits.

Fear is an emotion experienced in anticipation of some specific pain or danger and is usually accompanied by a desire to flee or fight. It can be real, or imagined. Have you ever thought about benefits of fear. Fear makes life defend itself, protect itself.

Some benefits of fear:

  • Fear of Failure make us more keen and dynamic.
  • Fear moves you from insensitivity to sensitivity.
  • Fear moves you from carelessness to taking care.
  • Fear moves you from dullness to alertness.
  • Fear of hurting someone makes you more conscious.

” I believe that anyone can conquer fear by doing the things he fears the most, provided he keeps doing them until he gets a record of successful experiences behind him”. – Eleanor Roosevelt

Fear make us righteous; fear keep us on the path. This is inbuilt by nature to sustain life. So take it as positive sign too.

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Miracle ❣️

Today, I came across this video and I really wanted to share it with you all. I loved it as it’s truly magical.

I believe in miracles of life. Miracles happen everyday, change your perception of what a miracle is and you’ll see them all around you. Everything that is done in this world is done by hope. Miracles are frequently associated with God. So believe in Miracles the way little kid in video believed it.

Thanks for reading and watching 💝

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Live in the moment

We humans, yes we humans caught in the pleasure and pains of the past, and hopes and fears of the future, we often refuse to be in the present, which is only place where life exists.

Why don’t we learn to stay in present?

While past and future call for least commitment of action, the present poses great challenge to a humans.

How much time we spend in the present? It holds a lot of uncertainty, filled with moments of constant awareness and continuous actions, which opens up space for growth.

On the other hand, one is happy living what one has already experienced without experiencing anything new. So, what hold us from committing to the present? Do you have answer to it…. Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is gift of God, which is why we call it present.

In my point of view person who live in present; live life to the fullest. Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present. Humans who stay in present know how to make there life better and Happy….what you say?

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If your mind tends to wander, you’re not alone. My Focus was very poor when I was growing. Even today sometimes I feel that lack of concentration effects our day to day activities. Unfortunately, mind wandering can happen at the wrong moment when we require lot of concentration at given point of time.

Sometimes we get distracted by outer world like what are other doing? How he or she got success? How she maintains her bank balance? Etc etc but we forgot to concentrate what we want from our life and that’s where we get lost in World of darkness. We loose our identity and fails to concentrate.

Love life to the fullest and focus on positive things.

Your ability to concentrate is related to how well you avoid and eliminate these distractions. You need to have healthy mind. I mentioned it in my blog Mantra to healthy kind.

In my experience, focus is the most important determination of whether you’ll achieve a goal or stick to creating a new habit. Many of you must have experienced that till the time you are focused and know your goals you easily keep on climbing the success ladder, the moment you distract you fall down. It happened with me also in the past.

A focused individual’s mind is aware of where he or she is, who he or she is and why he or she is there. It means that he or she is “focussed” on the specific task at hand and he or she is not letting his or her mind wander off to other thoughts.

Concentration is the act of isolating one’s attention on a specific task or an aspect of consciousness.

So know questions is how we can improve our concentration?

Practice by doing meditation.

We should all practice concentration by turning off all distractions and committing your attention to a single task. Start small, maybe five minutes per day, and work up to larger chunks of time. If you find your mind wandering, just return to the task at hand. “It’s just like getting fit”.

Practice takes time but eventually you succeed.

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Ho’oponopono : I am Sorry, Please Forgive Me, I love you and Thank You

I have been caged in the cage I have made…

Yes that was my reality few months back when I stopped writing and stopped doing whatever I love.

Then I came across this magical song


I am Sorry, Please Forgive Me, I love you and Thank You
by Dr. Joe Vitale

And this one is truly magical believe me.

I did this prayer keeping universe in mind, I asked him sorry for all the wrong visualisation I did in the past. Sometimes we do that unknowingly. I love universe and at end thank you for everything universe had provided me.

Once you use this prayer you may find it has an onion layer effect, pealing back the layers that need healing until you find a new and lighter energy fills your life. This may happen in an instant, and I find the best way to move through the healing and transformation quickly is to expect nothing but be open to anything.

Have you heard of the Hawaiian therapist who cured an entire ward of criminally insane patients, without ever meeting any of them or spending a moment in the same room? It’s not a joke. The therapist was Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len. He reviewed each of the patients’ files, and then he healed them by healing himself. The amazing results seem like a miracle, but then miracles do happen when you use Ho’oponopono, or Dr. Len’s updated version called Self I-Dentity Through Ho’oponopono (SITH).

It has been defined as a forgiveness and reconciliation practice, cleansing of ‘errors of thought’ – the origin of problems and sickness in the physical world, according the the Hawaiian worldview.

The practice of Ho’oponopono was traditional performed by healing priests or kahuna lapaʻau among family members of a person who is physically ill. Modern versions are performed within the family by a family elder, or by the individual alone.

One form of practice is to meditate while immersed in the Ho’oponopono Mantra. The mantra “I love you, I’m Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank You” offers love, compassion, forgiveness and gratitude. When applied to one self in their own life these virtues can be the cause of great healing.

You can find more details in book named Zero limits.

I am sorry, please forgive me, I love you and Thank You ❤️🦋

Lyrics of Ho’oponopono :

I’m sorry
Please forgive me
I thank you
And I love you

I’m sorry
Please forgive me
I thank you
And I love you

These are the special words
God sent to us all
These are the magic words
God gave to us all


I’m sorry
Please forgive me
I thank you
And I love you

I’m sorry
Gomen ne
Yurushite ne
Please forgive me

I’m sorry
Please forgive me
I love you
Aishiteru yo

Makoo no kotoba
Kami-sama kara-no
Fushigi na hibiki

I’m sorry
Please forgive me
I thank you
And I love you

Gomen ne
Yurushite ne
Aishiteru yo

I’m sorry
Gomen ne
Yurushite ne
Please forgive me

I thank you
Please forgive me
I love you
Aishiteru yo

I’m sorry (I’m sorry)
I’m sorry (I’m sorry)
I’m sorry
Please forgive me
I thank you
Oh I love you

These (I thank you) are the special words (I thank you)
God (I thank you) sent to us all (And I love you)
These are (And I love you) the magic words (I’m sorry)
God gave to us all (Please forgive me)

I thank you (I thank you)
Yes, I love you (And I love you)
Gomen ne (Gomen ne)
Gomen ne (Gomen ne)
Yurushite ne (Yurushite ne)
Yurushite ne (Yurushite ne)

Thank you for reading ❤️


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3 Mind Power Techniques to attract what you want by Zoltan Szabo

#Technique 1

Positive affirmations are simply appropriate decisions in which you are acknowledging to maintain the balance of your intentions. This means affirming the things you want to do in a positive way.

Affirmation is your guide to provide you a clearer picture with regards to what you are thinking or to what other individuals say to you. With this, you are given the opportunity in having a fresh idea since new ideas and mental images are produced in your mind and you are simply affirming it in a positive way.

Also, affirmations are your mental guide in having your future plans and action. Just remember to make the decision well and affirm the things you want to do in a positive way and you also have to be positive in affirming the things you want to achieve.

The good thing about positive affirmations is that you are able to draw out the true strength within you (physically and mentally) and you are utilizing this to maintain your intentions in a positive manner.

Remember that to implement your positive affirmations; you have to have a clear mind. This means you have to clear out your conscious and unconscious mind from negative images that enters in your mind. This way, your affirmations and decisions are done without hesitations.

Step 1 – How do Positive Affirmations Work

Positive affirmation works once your mind is cleared and relaxed. However, if doubts run through your mind, affirmations may not be duly be claimed since doubts in your mind may stop you from affirming the things you want.

You have to create a huge room in your mind to make your positive affirmations work. Exclude the stress and negativity in your mind and empower your inner strength to effectively utilize your affirmations.

Now, since affirmation can be done with a calm mind, you can think optimistically and you will then begin building up your skills and actions to get what you’ve always wanted.

Bear in mind that positive affirmation is quite similar to creative visualization wherein you have to mentally picture the images you want using the power of your mind to confirm and achieve your goals.

As claimed in the Law of Attraction, this is the only rule in the world where like attracts like. By creating positive feelings, you are more likely to allure positive energies all throughout your life and might as well give you high chances of abundance.

Step 2 – Manifesting Your Affirmations

Once you have affirmed the things you want in your life, you also have to manifest it positively. This means that you have to declare your affirmations without hesitations and avoid using words that are negative.

Don’t be afraid to say the things you want to achieve. Instead, use these positive affirmations as your motivation to be successful.
For instance, your affirmation is about health, you don’t have to say, I will be healthy; instead you can say, I am healthy. This way, you are already affirming that you are definitely healthy.

Now, to start manifesting affirmations, you can utter these ideas in your mind.

I can get what I want

I am beautiful

I can forgive and ignore

I love myself

I can change for the better

I have time for myself

I am one with God

I am loved

I am not alone

I am recognized

I am happy

I am a good father

I am a good mother

I am a good son/daughter

I love my family

I am wealthy

These are just some of the affirmations you can confirm using the power of your mind.

Step 3 – Implement Your Affirmations

Try to remember that you also have to implement your positive affirmations. Meaning, don’t just say these affirmations in your mind but you also have to take necessary actions and make a move to get what you want.

Be active in a way that you are simply using your affirmations as your daily exercise or daily routines. Some of these actions to assist you apply your affirmations are as follows:

1. Use a mirror – Once you wake up in the morning, you can use a small mirror or a life size one and look in front of the mirror. Using your affirmations, you can tell these to yourself by looking into the mirror. With this, you are empowering your mind and body to go on with your daily life and with positive results.
Example: You are ready to work. Tell to yourself in front of the mirror, I am happy to go to work instead of, I will be happy to go to work.
With this, you are already affirming to yourself that you are happy to go to work and this will definitely happen all through the day.

2. Jot it – It is also an fine idea to write down your affirmations. Make a list and read these lists of affirmations everyday to inspire you in your everyday endeavors.

3. Make it visible – You can also make your affirmations visible. You can do this by representing pictures or things that you see every day in your home or in your work.

As an example, you have a vision of the car you want. All you have to do is to place it in front of your mirror, screen saver, work table and etc. to simply affirm that you will get the car you want. The image of a car will serve as your motivation in having a new car and all you have to do is to affirm it repeatedly every time you see the image of the car.

Technique #2

Creative Visualization

Creative visualization is another type of mind power technique wherein you are also empowering your mind to get what you want. This kind of mind technique has also been put into practice by other religions (in a spiritual way) such as Hinduism to attain them spiritual enlightenment.

One thing is for sure with creative imagination, you are to picture in your mind the things you really wanted. Although you can say that most of the time you are picturing in your mind materials things, it can still be attainable if you practice visualizing these things. Also, you can visualize your success regardless of your profession.

Now, to enhance creative visualization, here are some of the steps you can consider and apply.

Step 1 – Empower Visualization

It is important that you empower and expand your visualization techniques. Even if you are a student, a professional or an ordinary person, you can surely visualize using your imagination and get what you want.

For instance, you are a professional swimmer; all you have to do now is to apply your creative visualization by thinking about having a perfect stroke as you swim. As you practice your swimming techniques, you are visualizing your stroke techniques and with this, you are mentally training your muscles to make it stronger and have the perfect stroke.

Step 2 – Be in Control

Although you can surely say that you can apply creative visualization, you also need to be in control of your thoughts. Don’t ever let the negative aspects enter in your mind since this will only cloud your creative visualization.

Remember that as you implement creative visualization, you are also empowering your body. This is the reason why your action should also be one with your visualizations.

Just think of the law of attraction whereby you are thinking about your positive goals and at the same time the things around you will also complement with what you are thinking.

You also need to stay focused. Use the power of your mind and be in control. Although oftentimes, you are unable to say the things you want but by using your creative visualization, you can even shout it out loud in your mind.

To make you in control of your creative visualization, all you have to think are happy thoughts and images. Use these happy thoughts and images to control your visualizations and this will help you eliminate or clear away the negative images that may run through your mind.

Confidence is also a must to control your creative visualization. If you don’t have enough confidence, then your imagination towards having your goals is not attained since you know that you are not that confident about your mind is still clouded with negativity.

Step 3 – Stimulate Visualization

It is also important that you stimulate the things you visualize. Well, if you want to make your goals happen, you have to think of better ways on how you can surely implement your creative visualization and how you are able to get the thing you want.

Now, as you wake up in the morning, stimulate your creative visualization by thinking positively. Don’t let problems run through your mind but rather wake up in the morning thinking about having a beautiful life, a beautiful environment and a new day ahead of you.

Now, you can think of happy thoughts by visualizing yourself riding on your dream car or unlocking the door of your new house. This way, you are stimulating your mind and body to achieve your goals and not just by imagining or dreaming about it.

Technique #3

Positive Thinking

The power of positive thinking is another mind power technique to help you get the things you want in life. This will also enhance your health and even your spiritual and emotional growth.

Remember that the impact of positive thinking will change your life for the better. This means that you need to remove the negative aspects in your mind. Your mind should stay focused and think of the positive things that are already happening in your life.

Nevertheless, how are you able to erase the negative thoughts that run through your mind? Well, the first thing you need to do is to search for the main cause of negativity in your mind. Once you have located it, think deeply and look within you. Once you have found the answers to these negative thoughts, vanish it by empowering your mind with your positive thinking. With this, you are able to eliminate the negative images in your mind and you can move forward towards achieving your goals in a positive way.

To further enhance your positive thinking, consider these steps and be on the road to success in attaining your goals in life.

Step 1 – Have a Positive Mindset

Prior to having a positive mindset, you have to stay healthy physically and mentally. This means that you have to eat well, have a healthy exercise, mentally and physically by reading books that relates positive ideas and by exercising every day. This way, you are already implementing positive actions.

It is also a good idea that you forgive yourself. Don’t be hesitant in doing this since you are only holding back. Once you hold back you are not yet ready to have a positive mindset since you still have negative aspects you need to conquer.

Once you forgive yourself, you also need to give credit to yourself as well. In this way, your mind has been cleared from the perils of negativity and you can move on with a positive mindset and with this, you can get what you want. You also have to visualize positively and think of happy thoughts and positive images to help you attain your goals.

Step 2 – Positive Concentration

Having a positive concentration means you have to meditate positively. Erase all the negative aspects that are bombarding your mind. Be still and meditate deeply. Just relax and search deeper towards the positive things that will happen in your mind.

Believe in yourself and don’t just dwell on negativity. Even if you think you have done wrong, don’t well on that aspect. Just concentrate and clear your mind.

Another positive concentration in which you can apply for you to have positive thinking is to enhance yourself spiritually by praying fervently. Regardless of your religion, you also need to pray. This is to relax your mind. Just make sure that you are in a quiet place once you pray and by doing this, your mind will be relaxed and positive things will enter in your mind because you are inspired by your religious beliefs.

It is also a great idea to speak positive words. Once you concentrate on positive speeches, you will eventually be skilled in having a positive attitude as well.

Remember that it may take you some time to concentrate on having a positive mind since you need to learn how to take away the negative aspects that may boggle your mind. Just be patient and resist negative thoughts.

Step 3 – Pull Your Desires with Your Positive Mind

Pulling your desires using your positive mind is just like a magnet wherein you are making your desires happen physically. Well, how are you able to do this?

Firstly, you have to believe. It is a fact that you have to believe in yourself positively. You also have to believe that your dreams will truly happen. This is the reason why you have to believe that you can draw out (in your mind) the things you want to achieve and this will surely happen.

You can also use your positive mind to monitor all your actions and emotions. With this, you are assuring that your actions are done effectively and your desires are achieved.

Thank you for reading ❤️

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