Wordless Wednesday – Sky.

Some beautiful Sky Picture clicked by my Father in Himachal, India.
Here are some clicks from Mumbai Sky taken recently.

The beautiful colours of sky makes me happy. I never get tired of watching beautiful sky. Above four pictures are clicked by my Dad recently, I loved beautiful color and hue of sky. Other four pictures I clicked recently during sunset time.

Thank you ♥️

© Anjali Sharma, Positive Side Of The Coin


Let’s celebrate!

Today it’s #fathersday2020 #Internationalyogaday2020 and #WorldMusicDay : So let’s celebrate.

Father’s day I want to celebrate by introducing my father to you “the blogger family” I shared so many pictures clicked by him in past few months. So here is a picture of my father as well few fresh clicks by him.

My father with my Mom.

I am loving his new hobby and I love you my dear Papa. I am greatful for all your guidance and wisdom. You really are the best!

I also want to wish Kyaraa’s father, A Happy father’s day from Kyaraa. Thank you for taking care of her well.

Today it’s also world yoga day. Yoga is the journey of self, to the self and through the self.

Last and not the least it’s also the world music day. Music acts like a magical key to which can open the closed heart’s & mind to think through infinite ideas.

These days my daughter trying to learn music from her Dad.

Thank you dear all ♥️

© Anjali Sharma, Positive Side Of The Coin