Self love!!

I always loved myself, sometimes I feel I am best. Is it’s wrong to think that? No, I always felt if I love myself….if I take care of myself, and if I respect myself, then only others will do. And if I will love myself, I will know the art of loving others.

When you love yourself, you glow from the inside. You attract people who love, respect and appreciate your energy. Love and luck favors brave, be fearless to love yourself. To love yourself is to be in awe of the miracle of your existence.

Loving yourself is a win-win for all. It is about knowing your values and your boundaries and honoring them. It is about teaching others how to treat you by showing them how you treat yourself. It is about being kind to yourself. It provides you with an inner happiness, confidence and peace of mind that is not easily swayed by outside events and opinions.

Understand your dreams, your desires….I am not asking you to be selfish…I am asking you to take care of yourself, which is not at all wrong.

But There is a very small difference between loving yourself and only loving yourself, there’s a very thin line between self-love and self-obsession, and many times people fail to understand this thin and small differences. Loving yourself is not at all bad, but loving yourself too intensely is not right and it will not help. So love yourself and also love other’s.

Everything starts with and how you feel about yourself. Start feeling worthy, valuable and deserving the best in life has to offer. Be Magnetic.

Thank you for reading ❤️


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