Bigg Boss 13 Grand finale : Winner Sidharth Shukla

Bigg Boss 13 is one crazy season. The kind of love that the contestants got was unimaginable. After facing a roller-coaster ride of 140 days this journey came to end. And one of the contestants who has contributed the most to making it a hit season is Sidharth Shukla. His journey was not easy one. Inside as well outside haters were behind him. But finally he won battle of Truth. From being good to his friends and lethal for his enemies, the TV hunk has shown all his sides. 

Sidharth Shukla with his mother

Sidharth Shukla was announced as the winner of Bigg Boss 13 on Sunday and India loved him because of his real self.

Sidharth Shukla gave his everything to the show; his health, Action, Drama, Romance, loyalty and as Audience what else you want. So finally this handsome hunk won hearts as well as trophy.

All the best to him for his future projects, May he get more success and keep entertaining his Audience.

With love from all Sidhearts❤️

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King Sidharth Shukla

Being male is a matter of birth, Being a gentleman is a matter of choice and in this season of Bigg Boss 13 there is gentleman named Sidharth Shukla who impressed me and his fans a lot because of his loyalty, Morals, Good heart, and leadership Qualities.

Picture courtesy : Sidhearts

Among all the contestants on Bigg Boss 13, there is this one contestant who is enjoying a massive fan following and emerged as the strongest contestant of the popular reality show. I have never seen such Contestant in history of Bigg Boss.

One loyal friend is worth more than a thousand fake ones. This calm and composed actor’s strength lies in his ability to observe life keenly. Surely a charmer with his enviable looks, His epic one-liners and wit is amazing.
As a good leader, Sidharth encourages his team. Sidharth tells his team that even though they may not win the task, but they will earn respect if they don’t give up. From strategizing his moves to emerging victoriously, Sidharth Shukla makes sure that his gameplay always standout.

Sidharth Shukla is also a support system in the house for many contestants. From comforting them in his own way to standing by them, he does it all selflessly. Sometimes housemates misunderstood him but my advice to them that never miss out on good person that can make your life great just because they are little difficult, the good one never come easy.

People say he have temper issues but what I realized that it’s what you give him he will give you back. Let’s just say that he gives you a taste of your medicines very well! So in my eyes it’s called Self Respect.
He believes – If you set the bar, I’ll raise it. You do it for the good, I’ll do better. You do it for the bad, I’ll do worse.

Picture courtesy : Sidhearts

He is like Blockbuster Movie who is truly Gentleman, who believe in women empowerment, who is very loyal friend and amazing human being. I believe you have to appreciate real one’s because there’s not many left.

Seriously I believe he is winner already, He won so many hearts so far now only wait is to see trophy in his Hand. All the Best Sidharth Shukla, you truly deserve best in your life.

Lots of love from SidHearts ❤

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